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“Using Staff Files, it’s so easy to print or email reports to managers or state auditors to show them employees’ training records.

It’s phenomenal! It used to take an entire day to prepare federal and state EEO reports. Now it only takes an hour.

You don’t have to have massive computer know-how to install or use Staff Files. I like the tabs. They’re intuitive, so you don’t have to remember where you saved information.”

Teri Hansen - Director of Human Resources and Administration

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Are your staff management processes stuck in the 1950's?

June 07, 2013 at 2:46 PM

Why consider staff management software as the next logical step in employee management? Just look at our common history of office management for the answer. Ask most supervisors or department manager how he or she keeps track of employees in terms of development and the answer that comes back may sound like something from the 1950s.

There may be the standard supervisor’s file with a collection of forms, notes and contact information as the employee record. Then there will be an assortment of documents, communications, and examples of work product. Hopefully, there will also be a consistent package of performance evaluations on company-designed forms, but this is not guaranteed. Finally, the supervisor may likely mention he uses his own gut and observations to evaluate employees every day. And, each individual department manager may have a different subset of information or different types of forms they are using to keep all this information

Risks of Old Practices

Unfortunately, the above method of supervision and documentation is very commonplace. It’s also enough to give any HR manager who’s been through terminations and labor litigation the willies. More often than not, the conglomeration of forms, notes and papers in a supervisor’s file tends to be missing valuable items and is collected haphazardly. Further, the reliance of supervisors’ personal opinions and thoughts about their employees’ performance tends to hold water in reviews and litigation like swiss cheese. In fact, the supervisor’s opinion is the easiest place an employee’s lawyer can go to challenge how the person was disciplined or treated in the office because it tends to be the weakest area of defense.

It’s helpful in other situations, too, such as deciding on promotions and pay raises, as well as picking people to work on special projects or sit on ad hoc committees. Instead of using the gut feelings of a couple of supervisors to decide who gets these special placements, it’s best to see who’s got the appropriate training for the position and to review a list of your top-performing employees.

An Alternative Exists Now

Now imagine a software tool that has the ability to combine all the various forms, contact information, performance evaluations, log of unexcused absences, training data and documentation on an employee. This idea is the goal of today’s personnel management for managers.

With relatively inexpensive staff management software a supervisor or HR manager can see an employees’ overall work history with the organization, the skill sets known to exist, the training accomplished and their performance level. Managers can also compare and see how employees’ rate within their department, as well as versus other employees at similar levels across the organization. In addition to performance, you’ll also be able to record issues with attendance and attitude. This in turn allows managers to make a far better, defendable decision on whom to promote, where to assign people, and who needs more development to reach desired goals. It also helps document objectively the pattern of performance and behavior in an employee, should it be necessary for disciplinary measures.

A modern business can't afford to continue working in the 1950s with personnel management. Wise decisions work with the best information available. 

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