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“Using Staff Files, it’s so easy to print or email reports to managers or state auditors to show them employees’ training records.

It’s phenomenal! It used to take an entire day to prepare federal and state EEO reports. Now it only takes an hour.

You don’t have to have massive computer know-how to install or use Staff Files. I like the tabs. They’re intuitive, so you don’t have to remember where you saved information.”

Teri Hansen - Director of Human Resources and Administration

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Eight advantages of using HR personnel software for your small business

March 03, 2014 at 9:56 AM

Keeping your small business running smoothly is a constant juggling act. Even with a dedicated team to help you keep all those administrative balls in the air, important tasks can slip through the cracks if they don't contribute directly to the bottom line.

Managing employees is one of the functions that could easily fall into this category. Employee database management software can help you win back time and look after workers more effectively, if you know how to use it to your advantage.

Using HR Personnel Software for Small Business Employee Management

We see business owners and managers making the most of dedicated HR software every day. These are eight advantages of using such systems that will prove beneficial to your business:

  1. Instant access to employee information: Managers spend less time searching out the personnel files they need and more time working with their people.
  2. Immediate answers to staff questions: Workers often need to get answers about changing benefits, remaining sick leave, and other HR issues immediately to make personal plans. Providing this information promptly helps to keep staff satisfied and motivated.
  3. Improved safety for employees: Physician records and emergency contacts can be pulled up the second they are needed. Custom information can also be entered on any current medication or recent illnesses that an individual worker has experienced.
  4. Record-keeping for better performance reviews: Conduct appraisals and keep up with employee development in a timely manner, with access to all the records needed to do so in a complete employee file.
  5. Automated reporting on individuals and staff groups: Compiling reports is possibly one of the most time-consuming parts of a manager's month. Automating personnel reporting keeps the numbers on track, leaving more time for analysis and action.
  6. Tracking HR expenditure: Most accounting requires significant data input from the HR function. Integrating personnel software with existing finance programs like QuickBooks or an in-house system can make this a seamless process.
  7. Elimination of outdated paper file systems: Traditional files take longer to manage and cost more to maintain than locally stored employee management software for small business. Software will save money and increase productivity.
  8. Standardized employee communications: Form letters and pre-written templates help to save time when drafting communications to staff, whether a single employee or the entire workforce.

Keeping employee development on track is made much easier by using HR personnel software, giving you more time to manage the ins and outs of everyday business.

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