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“Using Staff Files, it’s so easy to print or email reports to managers or state auditors to show them employees’ training records.

It’s phenomenal! It used to take an entire day to prepare federal and state EEO reports. Now it only takes an hour.

You don’t have to have massive computer know-how to install or use Staff Files. I like the tabs. They’re intuitive, so you don’t have to remember where you saved information.”

Teri Hansen - Director of Human Resources and Administration

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Five fundamental reasons to keep personnel records

April 22, 2014 at 2:19 PM

There are so many benefits to HR personnel software that it's easy to lose track of the real reason so many businesses use it: to keep accurate, accessible employee records.

In a pinch, your business will need to get hold of specific files immediately. Electronic personnel file software inevitably saves time when an urgent need arises, but what situations would prompt such a need?

From employee evaluations to legal records, there are several reasons to keep personnel files accessible and up to date.

Why Keep Personnel Records?

Every department of your business should have easy access to the information it requires, with human resources (HR) being no exception. HR is arguably one of the more important areas to add this ability, as it supports every other business function.

Here we'll look at five uses that will convince you to review how you create and maintain personnel records:

  1. Employee Development - When a company declares that its people are its most important asset, the best way to back that up is by ensuring their continuous progression. Whether in one role or moving around the company, it's vital to know what your workers have accomplished and their next objectives. HR personnel software can help track the status of each employee, benefiting both the individual and the organization with the skills that they develop.
  2. Resolving Issues - When conflict arises in the workplace, keeping detailed records becomes an important part of covering the company legally, and recovering the situation for all parties involved. Documenting when incidents happen, who was involved and how things were dealt with keeps everyone on the same page and, if worst comes to worst, provides a legal record to refer back to.
  3. Accurate Appraisals - When it comes to performance reviews, everyone has a short memory, What happened in the last few months is far clearer than a full year view, which usually prevents an accurate appraisal, good or bad. Appraisals need to build from one to the next, making easy access to previous employee objectives and achievements a must for any manager.
  4. Administrative Access - As mundane as piles of paperwork can be, they're a necessity for running a robust business. IRS forms, employee benefit agreements, compensation contracts and many more vital documents should be available at the touch of a button. Even if that's not an exciting argument, the substantial cost savings of easily accessible information should be!
  5. Succession Planning - In the same vein as appraisal planning, having comprehensive personnel records is a huge boost to internal succession planning. When an employee is believed to have potential to fill a greater role, perhaps in a different department, it helps to be able to look back across their time with the company and judge just how good a fit they'll be. Without full personnel records, succession planning becomes a 'best guess' scenario.

Take a look at your own human resources setup through the lens of the situations above. If you have question marks over any of them, it's time to take a closer look at an electronic solution for your personnel file problems!

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