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“Using Staff Files, it’s so easy to print or email reports to managers or state auditors to show them employees’ training records.

It’s phenomenal! It used to take an entire day to prepare federal and state EEO reports. Now it only takes an hour.

You don’t have to have massive computer know-how to install or use Staff Files. I like the tabs. They’re intuitive, so you don’t have to remember where you saved information.”

Teri Hansen - Director of Human Resources and Administration

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Keep track of employees’ training, licenses and certifications

October 25, 2012 at 2:24 PM

In any kind of organization, it is very important to keep track of trainings, licenses and certifications. This is an ongoing process which could be difficult to manage. In many large organizations, it is a full-fledged task for which a devoted employee is required. In smaller organizations, it is one of many tasks an office manager, department manager or general manager must add to their to-do list. Trainings benefit the employees, as well as the organizations that employ a highly trained workforce.

Today, most “paperwork” has become computerized. There are many benefits to using employee file software. The records will be easy to save and retrieve. When the information is entered into a computer only once chances are it will be more accurate than if you had to enter the same information into multiple places. It requires less physical storage space. It saves time for employee records management when your HR staff members are free from bothering with manual records.

The training system in employee file software is highly able to take care of all your data regarding trainings, licenses, and certifications. It can help you ensure all your employees will get the required level training, as well as necessary licenses and certifications. This type of system keeps every employee’s record separately including a list of the various training classes or certifications for each employee.

Benefits of Employee Training System

The employee training system is designed to manage the records in an effective way. The records are easy to handle and can quickly produce required reports. It is a cost effective solution which provides quick access to all parts of an employee’s file, not just the training records. It is easy to use because the user interface is quite human friendly.

Employee Training System for Every Organization

Usually, the database software is designed to suite any industry and size of organization. No matter if you run a clinic or pharmacy, transportation company or fire department, the software will work equally well for all types of organizations. Moreover, this software has got the ability to save data of any size of organization. Many small and medium size organizations save, retrieve and manage their records with the same level of ease.

Regular Training Reminders and Reports

To avoid any mismanagement, employee file software reminds the managers of upcoming training classes and before certifications and licenses expire. It also generates reports very easily. You can retrieve staff data in seconds. You’ll be able to run a list of employees who have certifications and licenses they need to renew soon. You’ll be able to run a list of people who’ve attended an exact type of training. You’ll be able to run a list of training classes, by category, an employee has attended.

Using employee file software can help you keep track of employees’ training, licenses and certifications easier and faster than manual paper methods. You’ll also be able to quickly produce training reports and be reminded of upcoming training classes and expiration dates for licenses and certifications.

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