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“Using Staff Files, it’s so easy to print or email reports to managers or state auditors to show them employees’ training records.

It’s phenomenal! It used to take an entire day to prepare federal and state EEO reports. Now it only takes an hour.

You don’t have to have massive computer know-how to install or use Staff Files. I like the tabs. They’re intuitive, so you don’t have to remember where you saved information.”

Teri Hansen - Director of Human Resources and Administration

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HR software enhances employee engagement

July 09, 2013 at 1:35 PM

If you run a business that has employees, then you have an HR department, whether you realize it or not. One of the keys to success in business is proper employee management. Normally, when someone says something about employee management, the image of managers and direct supervisors come to mind; however, employee management or employee engagement moves beyond the obvious. Your Human Resources Department plays a major role in employee engagement. The emergence of HR software has provided companies with the tools necessary to effectively and efficiently manage the responsibility of properly engaging and managing staff.

There is so much more that transpires with an employee than what happens on the sales floor, in the field, or whatever areas that they perform their assigned duties. There are all kinds of software, but the software discussed in this article is designed for HR managers and small business owners who need a program that will allow them to manage the HR requirements associated with their employees.

Employee File Management

There was a time when all of the employee files and information was kept in filing cabinets as hard copies. In the paperless era, paper filing is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Employee management software is designed to provide a centralized location in which pertinent data concerning the employee can be maintained.

Employee management software can keep up with the most basic of information, such as contact information, phone, current position, direct supervisor, assigned department, hire date, start date, birth date and more.

Time-off Accruals

In an era in which employers are forced to become increasingly creative in developing ways to provide incentives to employees such as accrued time off, the need to have an easy method of keeping up with each employee’s vacation and sick time accruals, and the administration of the time-off accrual program in general is apparent. Staff management software allows the HR department to set the parameters of time-off accruals and manage each individual employee’s accrued time.

Individual Incidents

Staff management software has the capability to manage individual employee records, such as incident reports. In this field you can record any incidents, such as on the jobsite accidents, disciplinary or conduct issues, and more. This is just one more way to insure that the HR department is organized and that files and data concerning any particular staff member is readily accessible.

EEOC & Federal Guidelines

One of the most important ways that employee management software assists the HR department of companies is to provide the platform to insure that the company is in compliance with all EEOC and federal guidelines. Once again, the ability to record and save all of the necessary data in one centralized location makes it very easy for the HR manager to be sure that the company is in compliance. With employee management software, the HR manager is not required to pull individual paper files for a review. They will have the ability to run specific reports or searches to insure that all documentation is up to date.


Employee management software is no longer a luxury for small business owners and HR managers. With the growing detail involved with employee management and engagement, there has to be some type of fluent and cohesive system that provides a generalized and uniform standard for the company’s HR department to ensure efficiency and compliance in every area.

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