Upgrade to newest version of Staff Files

If you’re using a previous version of Staff Files, you can upgrade to version 8.0 for half off the regular purchase price. This new and improved version of Staff Files will make managing your employee records even faster and easier than before!

With Staff Files 8.0, you’ll find the following new features and enhancements:

  • Document scanning has been improved to scan multiple pages directly into one document.
  • Limit access to the Define menu, so other managers can’t modify the drop down menus, accrual policies, and filters.
  • There are more field options to use to define filters and sorts.
  • The new Evaluation Score report lists employees by their total and average evaluation scores.
  • The new Accruals Balance report lists employees’ names and their total amount of time-off accruals.
  • The Evaluations Report has been improved to give you the option to print signature lines at the end of the employee evaluation.
  • The Accruals Activity report has been improved to show you the beginning balance and adjustments during the date range you choose.

Watch the video to see the new features added to Staff Files 8.0.

When you upgrade to Staff Files 8.0, you will also receive these features that were introduced in versions 7.0, 6.0, 5.0, 4.0, 3.0, and 2.0, too.

New Features Introduced in Staff Files 7.0:

  • The Training tab sees total hours of training by category, and can show a list of employees whose training has expired and who have not yet attended that training
  • The Evaluation tab can now create unique performance evaluations for each location, department, and position
  • A new field in the Separation tab helps to spot trends why people are leaving the company
  • There’s new COBRA Tracking in the Separation tab
  • An Absence Calendar shows a visual representation of when employees are out on vacation or have been out sick
  • The Employee List has more fields including Current Wage, Previous Wage, Starting Wage, Years Worked, Age, Country, and Manager
  • The new Benefit by Plan report shows more details about employees enrolled in your benefit plans
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Windows 7

New Features Introduced in Staff Files 6.0:

  • A new Incidents tab is used to record workplace accidents and disciplinary issues
  • The Documents tab has been enhanced for better organization
  • A Group Accrual Enrollment Tool enrolls a group of employees into an auto accrual policy all at once
  • A Group Training Enrollment Tool adds a training record to a group of employees' personnel records all at once
  • A Password has been added for additional security
  • Reminders using the five custom date fields from the User tab
  • The Emergency Contact tab has more fields for an another contact
  • NEW & IMPROVED reports, checklists, and templates, including:
    • Two Incidents Reports
    • Enhanced Reminders Reports
    • Reminders by Date Report
    • Absence Report
    • Separation Report
    • Separation Checklist
    • Enhanced Employee List Report
    • New Hire Form
  • The work area has been optimized for a 1024×768 screen resolution with a new View Name Format and expanded Name Column
  • An Audit Trail keeps a log of changes to employee records (Staff Files Pro edition only)

New Features Introduced in Staff Files 5.0:

  • A new Training and Certification tab
  • Department-level security controls access to employee information by department
  • An Auto Accrual Policy Wizard
  • An Employee Evaluation Form Template
  • More User-defined fields
  • New Employee Checklist, Checklist Template, and New Hire Checklist Detail reports
  • Import from Microsoft Small Business Accounting®, Import from Text File and additional QuickBooks® synchronization
  • Recurring Reminder feature
  • Enhanced Print Options for reports
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Windows Vista

New Features Introduced in Staff Files 4.0:

  • A new Benefits tab
  • Integration with Quickbooks
  • New Reports:
    • Birthday report
    • Anniversary report
    • Benefits report
    • Benefits Detail report
    • Benefits Summary report
  • Date ranges in three reports:
    • Evaluations by Date
    • Accruals by Date
    • Wages
  • Reminders functionality
  • Email reminders
  • Automatic reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, I-9 renewals, benefit eligibility
  • Automatic Backup Reminder
  • Pre-defined categories
  • Scrollable employee list
  • Pre-define sort and filter options
  • Database security password
  • Cell phone field
  • Improved Define menu
  • Sort features in reports
  • Cell phone and fax number included on Phone List
  • Improved Sort and filter selections
  • Find functionality
  • Upcoming reminder settings
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Windows XP

New Features Introduced in Staff Files 3.0:

  • Optional “no show” by status
  • Link any document
  • Read-only passwords
  • Automatic accrual accounts
  • Custom reports
  • Definable sorts
  • Custom filters
  • Spellchecker
  • Printable photos

New Features Introduced in Staff Files 2.0:

  • Faster data entry with pop-up date calendar
  • Store and display images
  • Calculator function
  • Accrual accounts
  • Improved Sort capabilities and Reporting
  • Definable labels
  • Location field

Upgrade today to the recently introduced Staff Files 8.0!

As a valued customer, you can order version 8.0 at significant savings. Upgrades start at only $149 for a single-user license of Staff Files and only $249 for a single-user license of Staff Files Pro! There are three easy ways to order:

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